Fitness Recovery + Wellness Studio

Located in the Kansas City Crossroads District


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Infrared Saunas

Heat your body at the core for a deep, detoxifying, sweat. Infrared saunas promote pain relief, anti-aging, relaxation, and so much more. Select one of our wooden cabin saunas or cozy domes and slip into your personal, self-care oasis. 


Compression air massage boots speed workout recovery time, increase circulation and relieve muscle soreness and pain. Used daily by the world's top athletes, including the Kansas City Chiefs.


FDA-approved technology that relaxes your mind and body and improves sleep -- the all natural way. Using a unique soundtrack and electromagnetic frequencies, NuCalm delivers the benefits of two hours of restorative sleep in just 20 minutes.

Recover, Relax, ReCharge

ReCharge is Kansas City’s newest fitness recovery and wellness studio located in the heart of the Crossroads district. 


Offering the latest sports recovery technologies and wellness treatments, ReCharge's experiences are designed to help heal your body between workouts, increase energy, relieve stress, alleviate exhaustion, and reduce pain. 


Schedule a session today to recover like a pro-athlete. Loosen up your muscles with our NormaTec compression boots, purify your mind, body, and soul in one of our infrared saunas, or take a power nap with the FDA approved NuCalm relaxation technology.

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2031 Washington Street

Kansas City, MO 64108


Tel: 816-645-8791

Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri: 6am - 8pm 

​​Saturday: 9am - 2pm

Sunday: Closed ​

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